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Susan Heng


With a resume that is as impressive as it is extensive, Susan has crafted her skills beyond the expected, based on the principles of building use and design from within the structure, and a solid knowledge of the design management process. Her eye for meticulous detail, combined with her interdisciplinary design expertise, has gifted her with the rare ability to visualise space-planning solutions… immediately, and in three dimensions. Susan’s objective is clear: to give the Client what they want, but in a way they never believed possible.

Patrick Waring


How does space tell a story? That is precisely what Patrick sets out to do with every project he embarks upon. Born in London, and having practiced both there and in Singapore, Patrick challenges himself to create structures and spaces that trigger emotional reactions. His 25 years of experience – spent designing bespoke interiors for restaurants, hotels and resorts located worldwide – has taken him on a unique journey. Today, with many projects already built, and many more under construction, he continues to question conventional design thinking through the incorporation of fresh narratives, concepts, thoughts and processes. “It is relatively easy to design interiors,” says Patrick. “it’s a different thing altogether to design emotion.:

The Studio
When work is a pleasure, life is a joy
Maxim Gorky
Special thanks to Space Furniture for their generosity in allowing Silverfox to feature the Shell Chair by Carl Hansen on this website.
Concept Statement
At Silverfox, we believe that design should never be forced. It should be allowed to follow its own path, to change within the processes of creation. We work with talented and creative people who have the passion to learn, have fun and invent.
- Patrick James Waring, Partner, Silverfox Studios

We work on the basis of complete collaboration and cooperation. We are determined to express our creativity honestly. Through close interaction among all parties, everyone is a contributor to the finished work, becoming emotionally invested in its success.

We believe that inspiration is all around us, and remains fluid at every point of the design process, whether it's at the concept stage, or when applying the finishing touches.

Space Planning

We want people to be aware of interlocking and interwoven space, and to enjoy the function and energy that the new and unique environment provides.

The positive results of this approach are evident in the many projects that we have completed, or are in the midst of completing.

Virtual Visualization
Design Development Studies
Food Service Consultancy
Tabletop Concepts
Uniform Concepts
Furniture Design
Our Offerings

Silverfox specialises in bespoke interiors for urban, resort and boutique hotels, standalone restaurants, and luxury villas. We collaborate with architects, fashion, kitchen and lighting designers, and work directly with artists, art consultants and accessory houses.

Ours is a full interior design consultancy that encompasses all stages of the process, from conceptualisation, to documentation, to scheduling, to final delivery.

Working closely as a fully integrated member of the team, we are commiteed to successful projects that every stakeholder will be proud of.

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