The Westin

With vertical gardens and immense ikat pita (ribbon) sculptures, Seasonal Tastes seeks to provide a wide variety of cuisine throughout the entire day. Be it coffee, cocktails, all-day breakfasts, healthy lunch plates or hearty dinners, they cover all sorts of cravings here.


All day dining

Restaurants that are open all day with a range of different drinks and dishes for all sorts of moods.

design inspiration

“Taking inspiration from these four elements: patterns, textures, layers and levels”

Inspired by the pattern of which materials are used in a rhythm to play with depth.


The transparency of the water feature inspired the use of a screen to split the room while not visually blocking anything. While layers of planes helps shape the space.


Inspired by the texture of engraved wood, carved to sculpt the volume of the space. Similar to the use of wooden planks as an accent that zones the dinning area.


Using glass to play with the volume of space as well as a Vertical garden to connect two levels.